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And to start out 2018 with nowhere to go but up — we hope! — let’s see how we did on the #travel1k leaderboard for the week of January 3rd during which we were almost completely offline for Christmas…

…whoa. Collapsed from #92 to #386! AAAAAAHHHH!

Well. Apparently we should take some time to plan our social media strategy in advance, instead of the “eh, pick it up when we get back” plan. On the bright side, next week should be an excellent ranking as we catch up on all those missed days. Crossing our fingers that happens, anyways. In other people’s news:

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Emily Ray (up 592 places to 196th), Nancy enSquaredAired (up 510 places to 1086th), and Tips for Family Trips (up 386 places to 168th).

Well done to this week’s top three Jeana TravelsCharles McCool, and Howard Blount (Backroad Planet / #TBIN).

So what’s the highest ranking blog we haven’t checked out yet? Ah, here we are at #11 up from #21: @amibhat‘s Thrilling Travel!

I go by the name – Ami Bhat and am known as a Restless Ball of Energy. 

My Mom refuses to entertain my complaints about my equally restless daughter and assures my husband that I was born with a bug – a travel bug.

A Post-Graduate in Marketing by qualification and a travel blogger by passion. Besides travel, I enjoy photography and if you don’t find me at my desk, I would be out playing badminton or swimming or just plain running – something that is so required for my restless soul. 

At the beginning of every year, I diligently note down the long weekends and plan for them. And when I cannot travel physically, I travel virtually through words on this travel blog. I go into raptures when it comes to Heritage destinations and become an absolute outdoor freak on beaches and hill-stations. I believe that sometimes, one does not need to travel to far to have fun – sometimes travel around your home can be liberating. I don’t believe in the counting the immigration stamps and tick-marking places off my list –  for every place that I go to, I feel like going back again and sometimes, do manage to…

Well, we’re with her as far as feel like going back again yep — but you only have to look at the header there to verify that not only do we believe in the counting and tick-marking, that’s pretty much the point here!

(At least until we get through all the Sites and Wonders in the world, anyways … but that’s going to take quite a while yet.)


p dir=”ltr”>This blog is the second we’ve found here that’s focused on India, which is handy; we’ve checked off the most popular sites of India, but there is an awful lot we still have to see there, and it covers not only a bunch of those we’ve heard of but just clicking around find lots totally new to us, like

Unraveling the mysterious Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya


Alright, whenever we get around to the wild Indian northeast, that we’ve got to see!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that; pretty standard selection of plugins too.

So that’s a solid blog to follow in general, and in particular if you’re interested in India and nearby parts of South Asia, definitely an outstanding resource for little known tidbits!


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